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<p>Over 100<br />Proprietary, Classical &#038;<br />Single Ayurvedic Medicines&#8230;</p>

Over 100
Proprietary, Classical &
Single Ayurvedic Medicines…

<p>Over 12 Years<br />of World Class Ayurveda<br />Pharmaceutical Manufacturing&#8230;</p>

Over 12 Years
of World Class Ayurveda
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing…

<p>72 Years<br />of Combined<br />Clinical Experience&#8230;</p>

72 Years
of Combined
Clinical Experience…

Dr.Vasishth’s is playing a unique role of offering real ayurveda remedies for addressing the health challenges facing the 21st century people across the globe.

Dr.Vasishth’s is playing a unique role of improving lives by offering effective and disease-modifying ayurveda healthcare products. It is essentially owing to the innovation of a broad range of products customized to strike at the very root of the disease processes.

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