DeALCO Tablet

Multi‐drug formulation for the De‐addiction of alcohol and other addictions.

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Ingredients in DeALCO Tablet act as:

• Helps pacify the hyper‐excited, agitated mind (manodvega)
• Helps reduce the craving for the addic????on drugs – alcohol, opiates, prescription drugs, cannabis, heroin, cocaine, amphetamine (Vyasan‐hara)
• Helps reduce the physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms (Vyasan‐muktija kashta‐nivarak)


Tagar is nootropic (medhya, mastishka-shamaka), anticonvulsant (akshepa-hara), anti-spasmodic (akshepa-hara), analgesic (vedena-sthapana). It is used for the management of various neurological and psychiatric disorders like anxiety neurosis (chinta, manodvega), convulsive disorders (apasmara), spasmodic pain (udara-shula) etc. Valeriana wallichii (Valerianaceae) is an indigenous medicinal and aromatic plant of Himalayan region and that is widely exploited for its roots and rhizomes which contain valepotriates and valerinic acids (with putative pharmacological activities). It is used as ethno-medicine for the treatment of habitual constipation, insomnia, epilepsy, neurosis, anxiety, diuretic, hepatoprotective, analgesic and cytotoxic, antispasmodic, anticonvulsant, nematicidal, anti-inflammatory, etc. Several phytoconstituents have been isolated from different parts of the plant belonging to the category volatile oils, iridoids, alkaloids and flavonoids. In another study, it demonstrated antidepressant effect.

Jatiphal is analgesic (shula-nut), anti-inflammatory (vrana-hara), anti-rheumatic (ama-vata-hara), and modulates neuro-endocrine mechanisms (anil-apaham). It showed sedative and analgesic effects, with no harmful effects on blood pressure and ECG. With the current information, it is evident that M. fragrans has pharmacological functions including anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-convulsant, antibacterial, antifungal and antioxidant activities.

Hyoscyamus niger (Figures 16 and 17) belongs to the family Solanaceae and thrives in many Mediterranean countries including Greece, and generally in areas of Europe and Asia where there is a temperate climate. It has been introduced even in North America. It is also known as “henbane.” It is a biennial herb that reaches a height of 80 cm and grows in rocky, arid areas and along roads. It has oval leaves, and the color of its flowers varies from yellow to dull green with purple veins. The fruit contains 200 seeds. The roots, leaves, fruits, and seeds of the plant contain atropine, scopolamine, and hyoscine. In ancient times, the plant used to treat pain and insomnia and as a local anesthetic.

Rakta-marich is a potent metabolic stimulant. Ayurveda texts describe it as ushna (metabolic stimulant), katu (pungent stimulant), tikshna (stimulant), ruksha (anti- dyslipidemic), and advocate its use in agnimandya (low BMR, as in hypothyroidism), hridroga (heart diseases), medoroga (obesity), ama-dosha (metabolic / immunologic disorders), vata-roga (neuro- endocrine disorders), kapha-rogas (immunological diseases)

Weight 70 g
Dimensions 83 × 63 × 45 cm

• Adults: Start 1 tablet, 3 times a day. Observe the response for a few days / weeks. In case the response is slow / less than desired, raise the dose gradually to 2 tablets, 3 times a day. On getting desired results, taper off the dose to a minimum maintenance dose. Continue the maintenance dose until needed.
• To be taken just after meals, with plain water.


• Avoid in pregnancy, lactation, children below 12 years.
• Avoid in severe HT, tachycardias.
• Avoid in patients hyper‐sensitive to any of the ingredients. Avoid in addicts / patients whose condition worsens after using the medicine.

Available as:

Box containing 6 strips (blister packing) of 10 tablets (60 tablets).


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