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Duralabha is a classic drug of ayurveda for the management of Vertigo / Giddiness / Dizziness.


1. Anti-vertigo – Duralabha has been described by Acharya Chakradutta as the ideal drug for the management of vertigo. The same activity has been confirmed by the modern scientific studies and our clinical experiences . It is thus quite useful in the management of vertigo / dizziness / giddiness resulting from different causes.
2. Thrombolytic – Duralabha has been reported to prevent blood coagulation and dissolve the thrombi. Its efficacy to lyse the blood clots in vitro is 75% compared to the Stretokinase (86%). is thus useful in the prevention and management of thrombosis.
3. Protects brain cells – Duralabha has been reported to protect brain cells against the damage resulting from ischemia. It is therefore useful in the prevention and management of cerebral; ischemia.


Ingredients in PHYLOCIL Tablet act as:

• Immuno‐modulator (rasayana)

• Antiviral (vishanu‐hara / vishama‐jvara‐hara)

• Corrects liver disorders (yakrit‐balya)

• Corrects renal disorders (vrikka‐balya)

• Corrects dyslipidemia (medohara)

• Anti‐diabetic (madhumeha‐hara)

• Anti‐hypertensive (vyana‐samyak)

• Anti‐hyperuricemic (vata‐rakta‐hara)

• Anti‐inflammatory (shotha‐hara)

• Anti‐malarial (vishama‐jvara‐hara)

• Anti‐bacterial (jivanuhara)

• Anti‐tumor (arbuda‐hara)