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Multi‐drug ayurvedic formulationthat helps in the management of diseases resulting from poor immunity, deranged immunity, auto‐immunity.


Ingredients in IMUNIE Tablet act as:

• Boost immunity (ojo‐vardhak, tarpaka)– In the presence of poor immunity / immune deficiency, Imunie tablet reinforces immunity by strengthening and activating the neutrophils, lymphocytes, monocytes, basophils, histiocytes, glial cells, and tissue macrophages, the body cells responsible for immunity. In this way, it improves the general health, as well as, protects the patient from diseases. In healthy individuals, Imunie tablet improves their health by reinforcing the immunity.

• Modulates immunity (ama‐visha‐hara, rasayana) – By correcting the abnormalities in the T‐ Lymphoytes and B‐Lymphocytes, Imunie tablet strengthens, as well as, modulates the body immunity.

• Anti‐viral (vishama‐jvara‐hara, vishanu‐hara) – Imunie tablet brings about its antiviral activity in two ways – One, it checks the replication of the viruses; and Two, it promotes the destruction of viruses by reinforcing the lymphocytes (T & B).