NUBON Tablet

Multi‐drug ayurvedic formulation that helps in the management of fracture, AVN, osteoporosis.

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Ingredients in NUBON Tablet act as:

• Promotes bone formation ‐ by reinforcing osteo‐blastic activity (asthi‐balya)
• Promotes reunion of fractured bones ‐ by enhancing the development of cortical bone and trabeculae, and influencing early regeneration and quick mineralization of bone (asthi‐bhagna‐sandhanak)
• Prevents bone loss (asthi‐rasayana)


Asthi-shrinkhala promotes reunion of fractured bones (asthi-yuk, asthi-sandhana-janani). It has been reported to enhance the development of cortical bone and trabecula, and facilitates rapid healing of fracture by influencing early regeneration and quick mineralization of bone. In another study, it was demonstrated to possess anti-osteoporotic action. Ethanol extract of Cissus quadrangularis was evaluated for its anti-osteoporotic activity in ovariectomized rat model of osteoporosis at two different dose levels of 500 and 750 mg/kg per day. Healthy female albino rats were divided into five groups of six animals each. First group was sham operated and served as control. All the remaining groups were ovariectomized. Group 2 was fed with equivolume of saline and served as ovariectomized control. Groups 3-5 were orally treated with Raloxifene (5.4 mg/kg) and ethanol extract of Cissus quadrangularis (500 and 750 mg/kg), respectively. The findings assessed on the basis of bio-mechanical, biochemical and histopathological parameters showed that the ethanol extract of the plant had a definite anti-osteoporotic effect.

Arjuna is cardiotonic (hridya), cardio-protective (visha-jit), anti-dyslipidemic (medo-hara), anti-diabetic (prameha-hara), wound-healer (vrana-hara), anti-ischemic (asra-jit), and antioxidant (kshaya-jit). In addition, it protects myocardium against ischemic damage (kshata-jit). It is a mild diuretic, anti-thrombotic, and prostaglandin E(2) enhancer. It reduces left ventricular mass, increases left ventricular ejection fraction (LVEF), and reverses impaired endothelial function. Arjuna is also known as Terminalia arjuna.

Mandukparni promotes wound healing (vrana-ropaka), improves blood circulation (asra-jit), and promotes vitality (ayushya, rasayana). Centella asiatica facilitates the wound healing process. Asiatic acid seems to be the most active component for healing the wound. The activity of asiaticoside, isolated from Centella asiatica, has been studied in normal as well as delayed-type wound healing. In guinea pig punch wounds topical applications of 0.2% solution of asiaticoside produced 56% increase in hydroxyproline, 57% increase in tensile strength, increased collagen content and better epithelization. In streptozotocin diabetic rats, where healing is delayed, topical application of 0.4% solution of asiaticoside over punch wounds increased hydroxyproline content, tensile strength, collagen content and epithelization thereby facilitating the healing. Asiaticoside was active by the oral route also at 1 mg/kg dose in the guinea pig punch wound model. It promoted angiogenesis in the chick chorioallantoic membrane model at 40 µg/disk concentration. These results indicate that asiaticoside exhibits significant wound healing activity in normal as well as delayed healing models and is the main active constituent of Centella asiatica.

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 113 × 82 × 25 cm

• Adults: 1‐2 tabs tid. Taper off on improvement.
• Children (6‐9 yrs): 1⁄4‐ 1⁄2 of adult dose, in crushed form.
• To be taken just after meals.


Nothing specific.

Available as:

Box containing 6 strips (blister packing) of 10 tablets (60 tablets).


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