Single‐drug ayurvedic that helps in the management of auto‐immune disorders, viral infections, liver, dysfunction, kidney dysfunction, diabetes, HT, dyslipidemias, gout, malaria.

Price: 150.00

Ingredients in PHYLOCIL Tablet act as:

• Immuno‐modulator (rasayana)
• Antiviral (vishanu‐hara / vishama‐jvara‐hara)
• Corrects liver disorders (yakrit‐balya)
• Corrects renal disorders (vrikka‐balya)
• Corrects dyslipidemia (medohara)
• Anti‐diabetic (madhumeha‐hara)
• Anti‐hypertensive (vyana‐samyak)
• Anti‐hyperuricemic (vata‐rakta‐hara)
• Anti‐inflammatory (shotha‐hara)
• Anti‐malarial (vishama‐jvara‐hara)
• Anti‐bacterial (jivanuhara)
• Anti‐tumor (arbuda‐hara)
Weight 25 g
Dimensions 83 × 57 × 21 cm

• Adults: 1‐2 tabs 3 times a day. Taper off on improvement.
• Children (6‐9 yrs): 1⁄4‐ 1⁄2 of adult dose, in crushed form.
• To be taken just after meals.


Avoid in pregnancy.

Available as:

Box containing 3 strips (blister packing) of 10 tablets (30 tablets).


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