Multi‐drug ayurvedic formulation that helps stimulate thyroid functions, stimulate metabolism, lower excess body fat, lower raised blood lipids, antagonize atherosclerosis, prevent abnormal blood clotting.

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Ingredients in THYRIN Tablet act as:

• Stimulates thyroid functions (samana‐balya)
• Harmonizes hypo‐thalamic‐pituitary‐thyroid functions (udana‐smayak)
• Harmonizes hypo‐thalamic‐pituitary‐ovarian functions (udana‐apana‐samyak)
• Stimulates metabolism, lowers excess body fat (samana‐balya)
• Lowers raised blood cholesterol & TGL, raises low HDL (medo‐hara)
• Anti‐atherosclerotic (dhamani‐pratichaya‐hara)
• Anticoagulant (rakta‐skandana‐hara)


Brahmi is nootropic (medhya, smriti-prada) and metabolic stimulant (ushna, tikta). It is used for the management of metabolic disorders (dhatvagni-janya-roga / ama-dosha), neuro-endocrine disorders (vata-roga), and infertility (vandhyatva). An experimental study showed that T4 concentration was increased by B. monnieri extract suggesting its thyroid- stimulating role. The increase of T4 concentration was by 41% without enhancing hepatic lipid peroxidation (LPO) suggesting that it can be used as a thyroid-stimulating drug. In fact, hepatic LPO was decreased and superoxide dismutase (SOD) and catalase (CAT) activities were increased by B. monnieri showing its antiperoxidative role. It is thus suggested that B. monnieri may be used in the regulation of hypothyroidism.

Guggulu is metabolic stimulant (ushna) and anti-dyslipidemic (medohara). It is used for the management of neuro-endocrine disorders (vata-vikriti), dyslipidemia (medoroga), gynecological disorders (yoni-vyapat), coronary artery disease (hridaya-avarodha), obesity (medoroga), cysts (granthi), etc. In an experimental study, it showed a strong thyroid stimulatory action when administered to albino rats. Its administration (1 mg/100 gm body weight) brought about an increase in iodine-uptake by thyroid and enhanced activities of thyroid peroxidase and protease as well as oxygen consumption by isolated slices of liver and biceps muscle. Further, it was seen to lower serum lipids. It activates lipolytic enzymes in plasma and liver, as well as, stimulates receptor mediated catabolism of low density lipoprotein. The hypolipidaemic activity of this drug is mediated through inhibition of hepatic cholesterol biosynthesis, increased faecal bile acid excretion and enhanced plasma lecithin:cholesterol acyltransferase activity.

Forskolin in Gandira is a potent stimulator of guinea pig thyroid cAMP accumulation. The stimulation is more rapid than that of TSH. The stimulation is also rapidly reversible. However, it does not sensitize thyroid cAMP accumulation to TSH. At maximally stimulating concentrations, the effects of TSH and forskolin on cAMP accumulation are additive. Further, forskolin has demonstrated the ability to increase the thyroid hormone production and stimulate thyroid hormone release by increasing the quantity of stimulatory guanine nucleotide binding proteins.

Pippali is a bioavailability enhancer (yogavahi) and stimulates metabolic activities (deepana).

Marich helps in fat burning and is effective in obesity (medoroga).

Weight 65 g
Dimensions 110 × 83 × 21 cm

• Adults: Start 1 tablet, 3 times a day. Continue until you get the desired results. Thereafter, taper off the dose gradually.
• Children (6‐9): 1⁄4‐ 1⁄2 of the adult dose, in crushed form with honey, juice, milk.
• To be taken just after meals, with plain water.


Avoid during pregnancy, children below 6 yrs, bleeding disorders, and along with anti‐coagulants. Regular blood test for BT, CT, PT is must for long‐term use. In case of signs of bleeding, stop the medicine and manage accordingly.

Available as:

Box containing 6 strips (blister packing) of 10 tablets (60 tablets).


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